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labrynthos's Journal

If you know me then you already know me.

I use LJ for my own personal record, to keep up with old friends and to watch communities of interest to me.

The one thing that you should know is that I am often dichotomous in my interests and lifestyle. I am two living as one.
80s metal, abstract art, alphabets, analog synths, arabic, art, athletics, bags, bars, bass, beer, being nice to others, biking, bluegrass, bollywood, book-binding, cibachrome, cities, civil rights, classic rock, classicism, clubbing, comic books, comics, community organizing, computers, concerts, conspicuous consumption, cooking, costuming, craft brewing, culture, customization, dancing, dichotomies, diesm, dieting, disco, diy, djs, education, english, euro, experimentation, fashion design, fasting, feminism, fixed gear, foodie, german, goth, graphic design, greek, guitars, hasselblad, hijab, holga, house, human rights, identity, indian food, indic scripts, information, instruments, international travel, japanese, jazz, jewelry, jpop, jrock, juxtaposition, karma, learning new languages, lgbt issues, linguistics, lithography, live music, logic, lomography, long boarding, mandarin chinese, manga, manhwa, medium format, mobility, modernism, motion graphics, music, nana, obsolete technology, old fashioned words, oontz, open government, opposites, pantone, paper making, performing, photography, piercings, political islam, politics, pop art, post-modernism, printmaking, process art, proper debate, punk, quill pens, reading, remixes, rhetoric, roaming, rugged individualism, running, self-determination, seriography, sewing, shoes, shopping, single tracks, sound design, spanish, stencils, stimulation, sub-cultures, survival, sustainability, tattoos, tea, the community, the constitution, the future, trainspotting, trance, transhumanism, transparency, type design, typography, urban lifestyle, vegetarianism, video games, vintage, vinyl, visual kei, volunteering, walking, wanderlust, woodcut, writing systems, yoga